Digital Protocol More Info Memosens is the Digital Protocol connecting Digital Sensors with Digital Instrumentation

pH/ORP Sensors

Wedgewood Analytical has been an industry leader in building pH and ORP probes for over 30 years for both OEM and industrial customers, offering a wide variety of probes to meet virtually every application need.



Wedgewood Analytical Conductivity Sensors measure the total concentration of ions in solution. With a wide offering of conductive, inductive, 2-pole, and 4-pole probes in both analog and digital versions, all application needs are met.



Wedgewood Analytical Disinfection Probes include Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Bromine, & Ozone Probes. Whether the need is to measure trace levels or heavily concentrated levels, WA offers a solution.



Wedgewood Analytical offers both Optical Dissolved Oxygen and Amperometric Dissolved Oxygen Probes for demanding industrial uses.


Turbidity / Total Suspended Solids

Wedgewood Analytical offers both immersion turbidity probes and inline turbidity probes. Turbidity is the measurement of the loss of clarity in a liquid due to suspended or colloidal matter obstructing light transmittance.



Wedgewood Analytical Optical instruments measure liquids for color, concentration, turbidity, cell growth, & suspended solids. Known for reliability, accuracy and durability these instruments provide valued results.


Transmitters / Controllers

Wedgewood Analytical offers transmitters for pH/ORP, Conductivity, Oxygen, Turbidity, and Disinfection measurements as well as multi-parameter units that include optical measurements in an expandable modular design.


Solutions / Panels

Wedgewood Analytical supplies Turn-key Solutions for analytical measurements such as disinfection and turbidity. Panel solutions are available as custom OEM offerings per request.


Adapters, Flow Cells and Holders

Wedgewood Analytical offers a variety of methods of putting sensors in your process. For both in-line and off-line installations WA has a holder, flow cell or adapter to fit your need.

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