More than four successful decades in liquid analysis with three successful companies becoming one.


Conducta, Gesellschaft für Mess- und Regeltechnik mbH & Co. was founded in Stuttgart-Stammheim by Heiner Jäckle on July 2, 1970. Initially, the company produced pH measuring transmitters and gas detectors. In 1973, a branch office was set up in Munich to increase market penetration. In 1981 Conducta was integrated into the Endress+Hauser Group with relocation to Gerlingen.


Innovative Sensors Inc. (ISI) was founded by Gary Bukamier in Anaheim, CA as a manufacturer of liquid analytical sensors for industrial and laboratory applications. ISI specialized in the OEM design and manufacturer of pH and ORP sensors for water quality and industrial applications. Patented technologies in both the reference and measuring half-cells became benchmarks within the industry.


Wedgewood Technology, Inc. was founded by Bill Wynn in San Carlos, CA as a manufacturer of optical monitors and analyzers for the measurement and control of liquid solids concentration, color and turbidity. In 1985, Wedgewood introduced the world’s first systems specifically for Biotechnology with inline ultraviolet (UV) analysis and combination pH/Conductivity/Temperature measurement.


ISI became the first independent pH manufacturer to be certified to the ISO:9000 quality standard.


ISI introduced the world’s first and only automated pH bulb blowing machine.


With a view to globalization and better access to the US Market, Endress+Hauser Conducta GmbH acquired Innovative Sensors Inc. on January 6, 1999.


Endress+Hauser Conducta GmbH acquired Wedgewood Technology, Inc.


Wedgewood Technology introduced the patented EZ Cal system for N.I.S.T. traceable inline calibration of optical analyzers.


Innovative Sensors Inc. and Wedgewood Technology merged to become one company and renamed it Wedgewood Analytical Inc.


Endress+Hauser Conducta acquired STIP Isco GmbH (Groß-Umstadt). STIP products which became the precursor to Endress+Hauser’s Analyzer division.  these analyzers are predominantly used in water and waste water treatment.


Direct sales of Endress+Hauser products moved to Greenwood, Indiana with all OEM and Label Sales remaining with Wedgewood Analytical in Anaheim, California


Wedgewood Analytical in addition to offering Wedgewood optical sensors and Innovative Electrochemical sensors begins to offer labelled versions of Endress+Hauser products in North America.


“Wedgewood Analytical” remains as the well-known brand name for our Optical family of products and pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen, turbidity,  and disinfection sensors and transmitters as is evident on this website.