Our quality staff is well-trained and brings many years of experience to their chosen fields. We constantly look for new and better quality methods and systems to ensure customer confidence, satisfaction and meet and exceed customer requirements.

Quality guidelines

Customer satisfaction

We realize that only the customer can be the measure of all our actions. Therefore, we base our decisions on customer requests and preferences. For us, a customer refers to everyone we provide with products, services and/or ideas in the market and in our own company!


Well-trained staff supports us to achieve efficient and profitable quality. The motivation and independence of our staff is one of our primary concerns.


“Lead by example and do what you expect from others” applies to quality awareness in particular. Thus, everyone is responsible for quality.

Continuous improvement

Our regular customer retention monitoring drives our continuous improvement process. We regularly adapt our quality requirements to the needs of our customers.

Product quality

Our product quality can only be achieved with controlled and governed processes in development and production.


Quality cannot be forced into our products by testing, but only by planning, developing and experience. Quality in terms of schedule, price and product can only be achieved with a flawless and transparent logistics chain.