• Accurately measures particulates from 200ppm up to 10,000ppm
• Pyrex optics deliver accurate and reproducible performance under harsh industrial conditions. Fire polished Quartz, Lexan®, or Sapphire optional
• Low voltage incandescent lamp provides long dependable life
• Can be outfitted with special VIS blocking filters to eliminate color-related measurement errors or configured to measure color absorbance at a discrete wavelength between 400nm and 1100nm
• Ultra-hygienic, CIP, and SIP resilient flow cell design attains the highest level of cleanability. Material finish Ra16 or better
• Customize sensor to suit your process connection and line size requirements
• Patented EasyCalTM option integrally mounted to the sensor allows for quick and simple online NIST
traceable calibration
• Air purge ports available for preventing condensate buildup on optical windows
• Patented window wiping system option eliminates process buildup on optical windows
• FM and ATEX approved explosion-proof lamps for hazardous applications
• All sensors are pre-tested at the factory and delivered with detailed certifications for validated process compliance

Data Sheet with Configurator


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