Conductivity/Resistivity Measurement Transmitter for conductive and inductive sensors

• Field or panel-mounted housing
• Universal application
• Simple handling: Logically arranged menu structure, Ultrasimple two-point calibration
• Safe operation: Overvoltage (lightning) protection, Direct access for manual contact control, User-defined alarm configuration
• 2 or 4 additional contacts for use as Limit contacts (also for temperature), P(ID) controller, Timer for simple rinse processes, Complete cleaning with Chemoclean
• Plus package: User-defined current output characteristics, Automatic cleaning trigger on alarm or limit violation, Ultrapure water monitoring acc. to USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and EP (European Pharmacopoeia) (conductive), Polarisation detection (conductive), Concentration measurement, Temperature compensation via a table, Adaptive calibration with installation factor (inductive)
• 2nd current output for temperature, main measured value, or actuating variable
• Current input for flow rate monitoring with controller shut off or for feedforward control

Data Sheet with Configurator


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