• Configurable to measure NIR absorbance at any discrete wavelength between 750nm and 1680nm
• Pyrex optics deliver accurate and reproducible performance under industrial conditions. Fire polished Quartz or Sapphire optional
• Incandescent lamp provides long dependable life. High Luminescence lamp option available for applications requiring high energy light output
• Dedicated reference detector channel minimizes low-level turbidity and particulate related measurement errors
• Includes built-in liquid-free calibration aid for quick, simple online traceable calibration
• Wide variety of process connections and line sizes available
• Ultra-hygienic, CIP and SIP resilient flow cell design available with a material finish of 16μinch (0.4μm) Ra
• Air purge ports available for preventing condensate buildup on optical windows
• Patented window wiping system option eliminates process buildup on optical windows
• FM and ATEX approved explosion-proof lamps for hazardous area applications
• All sensors are pre-tested at the factory and can be supplied with a full certification package

Data Sheet with Configurator


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